Shift Linux Art Contest: Voting is Open!

Its been two weeks since the Shift Linux team announced the "Shift Linux Art Contest", and were proud to announce that its been a success! The Customization Center, our system that stores the entries whether they win or not, has been filled with great wallpaper packs, icon sets, and concepts of numerous types. And with that, the time has come for the Neowin community to start choosing the best of the best to brand our friendly little distribution.

Ill cover the rules first, for those of you that missed them. First and foremost, everyone gets one vote in every category, so you can choose one wallpaper, one icon set, one splash screen, etc. Second, well be accepting new entries until August 25th, about halfway through the voting. These entries will not be compensated for their late entry into the voting; rather they will try and muster up more votes in less time. So the earlier the better. Finally, voting ends on August 30th, with the winners being announced immediately after the voting closes.

So, get to it! The login system is Neowin-based, so theres no registering, and its a pretty quick process to look through and pick your favorites.

Edit: We struck a critical bug, and as a result most people will have to recast their votes for wallpapers. In addition, Fluxbox themes and Gnome themes are now included in the contest.

View: Voting page for the Shift Linux Art Contest
View: Shift Linux Customization Center
View: Shift Linux Home Page

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