Siri can now recognize your own voice in iOS 9

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As part of Apple's Fall launch event, which unveiled a slew of new products, such as the iPad Pro, iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, the company has also unveiled an update for its mobile operating system, iOS. The OS has recently seen a number bump to iOS 9, with plenty of new features in tow.

Aside from new capabilities brought into the system, especially multitasking, the update also brought a significant change to the company's voice assistant, Siri. It seems that the computer assistant can now listen to commands exclusively from the device's owner, by recognizing his/her voice.

Apple already included a "Hey, Siri" feature back in iOS 8. This is similar to Microsoft's "Hey, Cortana," where the assistant can be brought up by only your voice, without tapping the screen. It was only by iOS 9 that an exclusive listening feature was included.

To set the feature up, simply head to the Settings app of your device, then tap on General, tap on Siri, and enable "Allow 'Hey Siri.'" Once allowed, the user will be taken through a voice training process, in order for the system to recognize the owner's voice. The user is then tasked to say "Hey, Siri" three times. Right after, he/she is also told to speak commands like "Hey, Siri, what's the weather today?" and "Hey, Siri, it's me."

Once completed, the device's system is now programmed to listen to only your voice while waiting for commands. This implies that Siri cannot be activated by just anybody, only its owner.

The update will be available worldwide, when iOS 9 is released this September 16.

Source: Mashable

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