Skylake processors for mobile workstations and mobile lineup surface

Intel is soon to introduce its 6th generation processor lineup for the mobile platform called Skylake. While the desktop processors have already been released and reviewed, there hasn't been much news for the mobile range until now.

The powerhouse processors that Intel is releasing, Skylake-H, will be divided into a few lines: 45W, 35W and 25W parts.

The Xeon mobile range will have three Xeon E3-1500M v5 processors, all of which contain 4 cores. The top of the range will include GT4e Iris Pro graphics chip while the other two will include lower powered integrated GPUs.

Details on the Celeron range are sparse in comparison to the Xeon and Core range, however there will be a dual core 35W and 25W model. The Core i5 range includes i5-6440EQ with four cores with four threads utilizing a 45W chip. The lower powered version, i5-6442EQ, also contains four cores and four threads but utilizes a 25W chip instead.

The Skylake-H Core i7 range includes the i7-6820EQ which has four cores and eight threads with a TDP of 45W. The range also includes the i7-6822EQ which is a low powered 25W chip with four cores and 4 threads.

Also to note is that laptops utilizing Skylake-H processors will be compatible with DDR4 memory.

Source: WCCFTech

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