SOF2 Interview: Kenn Hoekstra, Project Admin, Raven Software

"With Soldier of Fortune 2 getting closer to release, what is the team focused on at the moment?

Kenn: Mainly we're focusing on bug fixes, play balancing and testing and some performance enhancement issues for memory (RAM) management. SOF2 is going through regular QA sweeps and we're fixing the bugs as they come in. Fortunately, we now have a bit of extra time to really put the polish on every aspect of the game from single player to multiplayer to all of the random mission generator stuff. I think the extra time is going to make a world of difference.

For better or worse, almost every shooter released in the last year has offered a variety of objectives during gameplay: run-and-gun, stealth, rescue missions, and of course, vehicle-based gameplay. What kind of mix should gamers expect from SoF2?

Kenn: SOF2 has a wide variety of mission options, including run-and-gun, rescue hostages, gunning from vehicles, seek and destroy and stealth. We've got a good mix in SOF2, but I'm especially happy with some of the stealth stuff we've added this time around. "

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