Some Galaxy Note8 users experiencing device freezing issues

Galaxy Note8

It looks like Google's flagship devices aren't the only ones plagued with problems. According to the latest reports, some Samsung Galaxy Note8 users are also facing problems with their units. Several users are reporting in Samsung's community forums that their devices are freezing while performing different tasks.

Users reported that their device freezes when they are doing anything related to the contacts app, whether it's related to dialing calls, or accessing the contacts within the messaging app. It becomes so unresponsive that you either have to let the battery drain for it to come back to its normal state, or do a force restart. Several Galaxy Note8 users have tried uninstalling apps, clearing cache, and even a factory reset, but to no avail.

Surprisingly, the problem is not limited to any region or carrier, Galaxy Note8 users are reporting this problem in Europe and the United States. Unfortunately, there's no word from Samsung about this issue, but it looks like the problem is common among Galaxy Note8 users.

Are you facing these issues with your Galaxy Note8? If you are, let us know using the comments below.

Source: Samsung Community Forums via Android Police

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