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Some Team Fortress 2 news, general information

Some new information regarding Team Fortress 2 has spilled out, thanks to an article in the German gaming magazine PC Action for this month. Thanks to some users over at Halflife2.net a general summary in English is available, detailing general gameplay changes along with class specifics and other such information.

Here is a small snippet:

  • There won't be "normal" grenades anymore. Valve thinks that they unify the different classes too much.
  • Unlike in Fortress Forever, teleporters are kept in Team Fortress 2. The ammo dispenser will make a comeback as well.
  • There will be a personalized statistics system. For example, you could see an in-game message like "Hey, you've never played your class as well as today - keep it up!"
  • Valve thinks that classes in other games are a joke. "Where's the difference between me choosing a M16 or an AK-47 rifle?", asks Robin Walker.
  • It would be technically feasible to let owners of a PC, XBOX 360 and PS3 play against each other. Whether this feature makes it into the final game is still uncertain and depends on Sony and Microsoft.
  • Owners of multicore processors will get additional, undisclosed, graphics details.
  • The Medic can heal team members from long distances, as long as they are in sight. Furthermore, he can make himself and his patients invulnerable for 10 seconds.

View: Full translated details @ Halflife2.net
Link: Steam Forums discussion
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