Spotify is testing a new mode that could make commuters lives much better

It was only last month that music streaming juggernaut Spotify announced that it had amassed 140 million active users. Despite having a huge share of the music streaming market, it can't afford to get complacent with the likes of Apple gaining 27 million paid subscribers in its relatively short time of being available on the market. While it probably won't end up like Pandora anytime soon, the firm is making strides to improve its offering with new features.

According to folks on Reddit, it appears that Spotify is testing a driving mode for the Android version of the application. While not available to all, and originally meant to be used only by employees, the new mode is meant to make navigating the menu system of the app much easier while you're at the wheel.

This is made possible by enlarging the navigation buttons, announcing song titles, and also implementing voice controls. Although the icon for a microphone is present in the app, it appears that voice controls are not currently active at this time.

It is hard to say whether this will become an official feature in a future Spotify update, but one can only hope, considering that this should offer a better and safer experience while commuting.

Source: Reddit via The Verge

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