Sony ditches Slim tier for PlayStation Vue, service now starts at $40

It was only a couple of years ago when Sony announced its PlayStation Vue TV service that offered a bundle of different channels for $40 a month. A year later, the firm debuted its Slim tier to other markets that priced the service at $30 a month. While this has continued for quite some time, it appears that Sony has now ditched the lowest tier in favor of its Access package.

Apparently, ditching its lowest tier was always part of the plan, with the firm stating:

"The transition to standard pricing for all markets was always part of our roadmap since we launched PlayStation Vue nationwide and began rolling out local broadcast affiliates in markets with Slim plans."

Naturally, this will probably come as a bit of surprise to some, who have undoubtedly cut the cord long ago, relying solely on this service for their TV viewing. Despite the plan no longer being offered, those that signed up prior to July 6, 2017, will be able to keep the service for the next three months.

After that time, the price will be increased to the new rate of $40. This should give users enough time to decide whether another option might be better for them or to just quit the service altogether. PlayStation Vue is currently available on a variety of different platforms like PC, Apple TV, and more.

Source: CNET

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