Stadia Founder's Edition now sold out across Europe, replaced with Premiere Edition

Google's Stadia streaming service is launching later this year, but it has so far only been available through the Founder's Edition, which is available in limited quantities. Now, it seems that limit has been hit in a number of European countries, according to the official Twitter account for Stadia, and so Google has announced a replacement - Stadia Premiere Edition.

The new edition seems to only be available in some European countries - based on our research, the UK seems to still have the Founder's Edition available, but France and the Netherlands are only offering the Premiere Edition. It costs the same as the Founder's Edition, but it doesn't offer all the same perks.

For instance, the Founder's Edition comes with an exclusive Night Blue Stadia controller, which is replaced by the standard Clearly White controller in the Premiere Edition. It also doesn't offer the Buddy Pass, so the three-month Stadia subscription you get will only be available for you, and you don't get to choose an exclusive Stadia name. Aside from that, it seems to be just about the same - it still includes a Chromecast Ultra and the full Destiny 2 collection.

The Stadia Founder's Edition is still available in the United States, so you may want to get it soon before supplies run out. You can do that through the Stadia website, and if you're in a country where the Founder's Edition is sold out, you'll automatically be offered the Premiere Edition instead.

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