State of Decay 2 Daybreak Pack DLC will bring a "zombie siege" experience

When State of Decay 2's Independence Pack DLC launched back in June, Undead Labs teased the next DLC to be Daybreak, and during the special gamescom Inside Xbox stream today, more details were revealed.

The Daybreak Pack add-on will introduce a new cooperative "zombie siege" experience where players take the roles of fully decked out Red Talon soldiers, leaving their own community member pools intact. The perma-death mechanics are still here in the DLC, however, since If a player's Talon soldier dies while defending, they will respawn as a brand new soldier after a short time, if the objective hasn't been overrun by then of course.

Set in a new map, the DLC game mode's objective is to defend an entrenched location against waves of zombies. In addition to the usual and special undead, the DLC will also introduce the Blood Plague Juggernaut as a brand new special zombie, as if the usual Juggernaut wasn't hard enough to deal with already.

The mode is playable in four-player co-op or solo with NPC companions. The more waves that players manage to survive, which progressively get harder, the more rewards they will receive, such as new weapons, accessories, base upgrades, and more. These rewards can also be transferred over to communities in the base game.

The Daybreak Pack launches September 12 for the Xbox One family of consoles and Windows 10 PCs alongside a free game update. The pack will come in at $9.99 for State of Decay 2 standard edition owners, while those with the Ultimate Edition will receive it for free. Meanwhile, Xbox Game Pass subscribers will receive a 10% discount if they choose to purchase the DLC as well.

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