Stay Connected!™ 4.0

Frustrated with frequent disconnections when online? Stay Connected! keeps your surfing smoothly always.

Reno-NV - inKline Global, Inc. announces its 21st release of Stay Connected!™, the popular Internet utility that prevents frequent disconnection while surfing (with more than 2 million downloads to date). Stay Connected! stops disconnections due to inactivity and can be used as an enhanced dialer for all your connection needs.

Nowadays, regular disconnections by ISPs (Internet Service Providers) are becoming a norm. Smooth surfing on dial-up is no longer possible, unless you're on cable modem. For many dial-up users, the minute your ISP detects that you are idle, your connection gets cut-off. This is extremely frustrating when you are typing an E-mail or just finishing off that file download. Stay Connected! solves all these problems by simulating the Internet activity of a 'real' person, such as surfing the web. So you can feel at ease grabbing a snack or reading a long news article. Users can even use Stay Connected! to close off all those irritating AOL and CompuServe pop-ups.

Stay Connected! has the widest compatibility as it works on all ISPs worldwide including AOL, MSN, United Online (formerly NetZero & Juno), CompuServe, AT&T WorldNet and all other local ISPs.

What's New in version 4.0?

Enhanced Dialer Features

Auto NetSense - automatically activates Stay Connected! when a connection is detected, you will not get disconnected even if you forget to turn on Stay Connected!

Auto Launch - automatically connects you to the Internet each time you start your computer, as if you are having a cable connection

More Support

Windows XP compatibility, NetZero v4.1.0 support.

More Languages

All languages are supported for AOL - AOL users will be able to change the language of Stay Connected! sign-on window title

More Improvements

Improved settings for MSN, allowing for an even longer connection duration.

Download: Stay Connected 4.0 $24.95 21 day Full Trial.

View: Stay Connected Website

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