Students at ENSCI-Les Ateliers are making 3D printed tattoos a reality

Have you ever wanted to get tattooed but didn't want to be at a tattoo shop for hours on end? With advancements in 3D printed technology, the future is very near.

During a workshop at ENSCI-Les Ateliers in Paris, France, a group of students replaced their MakerBot's extruder for a pen to print temporary tattoos. Shortly after, the students made their 3D printer start drawing simple designs on peoples skin. After a while, the students weren't satisfied with just printing temporary tattoos.

The students modified their MakerBot with parts from a tattoo gun, and began testing on simulated skin. After the designs were tested, other students lined up to be tattooed. Pierre Emm says that "A lot of people were excited by the idea of being the first human tattooed by a 'robot'". Because of the way the 3D printer works, the designs had to be kept simple, and skin needed to stay flat in order for it work correctly.

The instructor, Samuel Bernier says that they're not trying "to replace the tattoo artist: you can't replace their eyes and brain", he only wants to "open the discussion" for the future of 3D printed tattoos.

With the recently released 3D printing app for Windows 8.1, along with talks of MakerBot supporting Windows 8.1, you may soon be able to have your very own 3D printed tattoo.

Source: NewScientist | Image via MakerBot

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