Survey: Beta testers happier with Windows 7 than Vista

PCWorld reports that in a recent poll conducted, Windows 7 Beta testers are 4 times happier with Windows 7 than the early users of Windows Vista, the reason due to which more than half of the companies plan to dump Vista adoption plans.

A recent poll conducted by ChangeWave Research, a market research company revealed that 44% of the 68 Windows 7 Beta testers were very satisfied with Windows 7 beta. A similar survey by ChangeWave in February 2007 conducted few weeks after Vista's launch found just 10% of the respondents expressed satisfaction.

In a poll of 2,000 enterprise users responsible for IT purchases:

  • 53% said that their businesses will skip Vista, and wait for Windows 7
  • 15% said that their organizations would roll-out Vista
  • 14% said that their companies were delaying some PC and server purchases in anticipation of Windows 7

Windows 7's improved performance and speed, were mentioned as the big reasons for the participants' satisfaction. The beta testers also mentioned the following as the main reasons for their satisfaction:
  • Quick installation
  • Pickup of proper drivers
  • Usage of less memory
  • Faster boot process
  • Clean interface
  • Desktop - easy access of commonly used menus
  • Customizable services

The beta testers also had some complaints about Windows 7's instability and incompatibility with older software and hardware, regular crashing IE 8.0 beta and about resemblance of Windows 7 to Windows Vista.

"The Windows 7 beta has so far received a much warmer reception than Vista, Of course, beta testers tend to be hard-core techies and the ultimate test is how satisfaction holds up when mainstream users get their hands on the new software"

Earlier in a February 2008 ChangeWave corporate IT spending survey, Mac OS Leopard received a 53% "very satisfied" rating from users, 9% higher than the satisfaction rate, Windows 7 gets currently.
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