SuSE prepares to take on Microsoft at their own game

SuSE have announced they are to release a version of their enterprise server aimed at the workplace's desktop market, SuSE Linux Desktop. They hope this release will be embraced by companies hoping to replace their current Microsoft desktop software with SuSE's version of Linux.

The new release will be updated, like their other products, every eighteen months. This is somewhat of a blow for the companies using the software as a new release is preferred every few years by the corporate market (according to ZDNet). SuSE have also ditched their old slogan for the new one - "Simply Change", and they have also revamped their image with a new logo.

RedHat have been offering a desktop specific install since release 8.0 of their distribution, and with them holding the overall market lead for Linux the SuSE offering will have to offer more in terms of features or usability.

The system comes with licensed Agfa fonts to allow for a similar look to Microsoft when working with office applications, and they offer Star Office and Evolution as a replacement for Microsoft Office. For system admins SuSE tout the ability to easily run the same software across all platforms in an organisation, and they claim the deployment of the system will be an easy task across a large number of computers.

News source: ZDNet

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