T-Mobile's improved ONE plans roll out today

At the top of the year, T-Mobile held its "Un-carrier Next" event at CES 2017 that introduced a refined "ONE" plan that would include all taxes and monthly fees into one published rate. Today, the plan officially rolls out to consumers.

If unfamiliar, the T-Mobile ONE plan offers unlimited data, calls and text messaging. The plan also includes benefits introduced by previous Un-carrier movements like T-Mobile Tuesdays and unlimited data and texting in over 140 countries. The plan will not offer benefits like Binge On and Music Freedom because with unlimited data, those benefits are redundant.

The new plans with an all inclusive price will be offered starting today at retail stores and online. It will start at $70 for a single line, $120 for two lines, $140 for three lines and $160 for four lines. Also, for those that don't use that much data, T-Mobile will also offer the option of "KickBack", a $10 bill credit that can be applied towards every line that does not exceed 2GB of data monthly.

Source: T-Mobile

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