TechSpot: Alienware 15 (2015) Review

A few months ago I reviewed the Alienware 13, which was designed as a mid-range gaming laptop that could be given a serious performance boost with the optional Graphics Amplifier. While the idea of an external GPU is promising, the chunky design of the laptop paired with its merely average hardware didn’t make the system as attractive for laptop gamers as I would have liked.

Enter the new Alienware 15. This much larger gaming laptop from Dell’s performance brand is a completely different story. Designed for high-end gaming, the Alienware 15 packs powerful hardware rivalling decent gaming desktops, including flagship mobile GPUs from both AMD and Nvidia. And like other Alienware machines, the 15 is highly customizable, with pricing ranging from $1,200 up to $2,700 depending on the hardware inside.

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