TechSpot: Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro Review: Slim, light and flexible

Lenovo's Yoga series is currently one of the most highly regarded line of thin and light laptops on the market at the moment. Not only are they stylish and portable, the multi-mode design allows it to act as a tablet in one moment and a laptop in the next. Sure, they're not meant for heavy gaming and video editing, but they are a great option for day to day usage.

The highest end model in the Yoga line is the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro, the laptop I've been using over the past couple of weeks. It features an aluminum body with an intriguing watchband hinge, an ultra high resolution display, and a bleeding edge Core M processor from Intel that promises decent performance with lower power consumption. At least on paper it ticks all the right boxes.

When I first took the Yoga 3 Pro out of its surprisingly nice packaging, the first thing that struck me is how thin and light the machine is. The 13.3-inch frame is just 14mm thick at its thickest point, and 1.19kg heavy, making it both thinner and lighter than the latest MacBook Air. It's also a decent reduction on the last-gen Yoga 2 Pro, which came in at 15.5mm thick and 1.39kg.

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