US says North Korea is behind the Sony hack

After conducting an investigation into the Sony hack, US investigators have determined that North Korea was behind the hack, describing it as "state-sponsored".

There was disagreement among the people involved about making the findings public, with even officials in the Obama administration internally debating whether to make an announcement.

The hackers, calling themselves Guardians of Peace, have demanded that Sony withdraws the movie, The Interview, from distribution. The movie is controversial because it features a plot to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un. The New York premiere of the movie has been canceled due to concerns of physical action by hackers, while some theaters have pulled the movie completely. Sony said that it will not object to theaters not running the movie.

After breaking into Sony's systems and stealing data, the hackers have been leaking information over the past few weeks, including the personal details of current and former employees which is now subjected to two class action lawsuits filed by former employees.

Sony Pictures attorney David Boies has warned in a sternly worded three-page letter that Sony will take legal action against any news organizations which continues to report on the leaked documents.

Source: Reuters | Image: Shutterstock - Sony, Berlin.

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