TechSpot: Screenshot Sharing in a Snap - 7 Free Alternatives to Droplr

Many of us here at TechSpot use Droplr on a daily basis to quickly share screenshots. While this simple app is great at what it does, since it moved to a subscription-only model I decided to look for a replacement. It’s just hard to justify paying $4.99 a month when there are quite a few options out there that work just as well.

For those unfamiliar with the service, Droplr offers a quick and easy way to share not just screenshots, but also text snippets and any type of files. No folders, no syncing. Droplr excels at simplicity. But if you feel it’s not critical enough to your workflow to pay a monthly subscription, here are some free alternatives you should look at.

Read: Screenshot Sharing in a Snap - 7 Free Alternatives to Droplr.
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