Telegram messenger supergroups can now have up to 30,000 members

The developers of Telegram messenger have decided to upgrade the number of people allowed in supergroups to 30,000. According to the company, supergroups and normal groups are now very similar so it plans to phase out the normal groups, leaving supergroups the only type of groups you’ll be allowed to create.

Posting in its Telegram channel, the company said:

“We saw some groups approach the 20K limit and increased it again. Telegram groups can now have up to 30,000 members.”

The change has been made on the backend meaning that no updates are needed to the Telegram clients and will automatically appear. With the potential for such large groups, you can imagine things might get a bit of a mess; Telegram says admins can use advanced permissions and “butler bots” to keep things in order.

Back in July, with the release of Telegram 4.1, supergroups were initially given a 10,000 member limit. The update was important because it allowed supergroup owners to add more admins but limit their abilities within the groups. For example, the owner could decide whether admins are able to change group info, delete messages, ban users, pin messages, or add new admins. Several weeks ago, the ability to change the chat history for new members from visible to hidden was added for private supergroups giving more control to owners. All of these features will be very important for managing 30,000 users.

Source: Twitter

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