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You can now use Copilot in Telegram Messenger

Microsoft Copilot in Telegram

Copilot, Microsoft's new AI assistant, is spreading across the company's apps like wildfire. Every other day, we report about another service getting Copilot-powered features, and even third-party apps are not immune to it. Telegram is the latest service where you can access Copilot in the form of a chatbot.

Microsoft quietly launched a new Copilot for Telegram web page where users can find a link to the chatbot and learn more about its capabilities. Here is how the company describes it:

Copilot for Telegram. Meet your new everyday AI companion: Copilot, powered by GPT, now on Telegram. Engage in seamless conversations, access information, and enjoy a smarter chat experience, all within Telegram.

Besides providing the link, Microsoft provides some tips on how to use the service. In a nutshell, you can ask it about anything. One of the few limitations is that the chatbot is not multi-modal: it only accepts text requests and cannot generate images. It works as a one-to-one chat between you and the bot. You can ask questions or send follow-ups with the bot replying.

You can use Copilot in Telegram to search for some facts (beware of AI "hallucinations"), plan a trip, generate fitness plans, learn about movies or games, entertainment, and more.

Copilot in Telegram works on every supported platform. Telegram is available on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, and on the Web (Windows Phone used to be supported, but those days are long gone). To get started, click this link or type "@CopilotOfficialBot" in search. Before proceeding, you will have to accept Microsoft's privacy policies and confirm the phone number associated with your account.

You can learn more about Microsoft Copilot for Telegram on the official web page. There is also a dedicated FAQ page with extra info about how Copilot in Telegram works.

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