Teramind brings its Data Loss Prevention solution to Nerdio's IT-as-a-Service platform

The recent ransomware attack that has swept the internet proves that there is a no doubt a need for a more robust solution to prevent data loss. If you're either a business owner or you have files on your device that are vital for the day-to-day operations of the company, a ransomware attack like WannaCry becomes even more serious. This is where the partnership between Nerdio and Teramind comes into play.

Nerdio is a company which specializes in providing "complete virtual IT for small-to-medium sized organizations", commonly known under the moniker ITaaS (IT-as-a-Service). Moreover, it integrates with Microsoft's Azure cloud platform, thus making it easier for business already using the Redmond giant's solution to adopt Nerdio's services.

The company's ITaaS platform has now been enhanced with the addition of Teramind's Data Loss Prevention solution, to further secure business users' data in the event of malicious activity. This is potentially a big deal due to the fact that Teramind can give an admin "real-time access to user activities", as well being able to collect "employees' PC user behavior in order to identify suspicious activity, detect possible threats, and ensure industry compliance".

Simply put, this new integration allows for "easy identification of risky user behavior and insider threat detection for both accidental and malicious data loss prevention for business."

According to Gartner's 2017 Security Solutions report, almost 80% of organizations will have in place at the very least one form of integrated data loss prevention (DLP) by 2018. Therefore, the partnership between the two companies seemingly seeks to reduce the friction associated with implementing such a solution.

Regarding the subject, Vadim Vladimirskiy, CEO of Nerdio, said:

"Teramind’s solution uniquely focuses on empowering organizations to zero in on individual user actions, implement automated risk detection and prevention, and gain clarity on the predictable chains of events that can lead to data loss."

Conversely, the CEO of Teramind, Isaac Kohen, said the following about the partnership:

"We’re pleased to introduce Teramind’s enhanced security capabilities to the ITaaS space on the Nerdio platform, so that organizations with virtual infrastructure can benefit from superior data loss prevention measures.”

The integration is already operational, and more info on the pricing and various features can be found on the official Nerdio website.

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