The Daily Show tackles Google Glass 'Explorer' discrimination in San Fran

While Google Glass certainly offers a real world advantage in some areas - for example, in the customer service sector - one can argue that in other uses it's just plain annoying and intrusive. Take the United States for example; a country where your social media updates can get you fired on the spot, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand why some people have a problem with a "glasshole" filming them in a bar or restaurant without permission or knowledge of it happening.

The issue has been widely discussed, and with good reason. With that said, Jason Jones, an investigator for The Daily Show, looked into an emerging form of 'discrimination' that Google Glass "Explorers" in San Francisco must face.

Of course, the above video isn't a serious tackle of the issue, and is skewed in favor of those being 'victimized' on the street - "since when can't a grown man walk into a kids playground with a secret camera on his head" (I'm paraphrasing) - but you begin to see the problem here.

It appears there's still a long way to go for the acceptance of this sort of wearable device in public places - if you aren't being abused for filming complete strangers boozing it up, or being arrested for supposedly filming a movie in a theater, you might even find yourself banned from entering the premises of some businesses.

So, how do you feel about this technology? We've added a poll and are interested to hear your comments on this controversial issue.

Google Glass currently sells for $1500 in staggered availability, but is expected to launch to retail later in 2014 for around $600.

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