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The Linux Mint 21.1 Beta ISOs are now going through final checks

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Testing has begun of the Linux Mint 21.1 Beta ISO images, according to the Linux Mint website. The list shows that the Cinnamon, MATE, and Xfce editions are being tested at the time of writing, and they will either be approved for Beta release or rejected. If they fail the tests and get rejected, new images will have to be tested instead, delaying the release of the Beta by an extra day or two.

In September, Clem Lefebvre, head of the Linux Mint project, stated that Linux Mint 21.1 codenamed Vera, will launch around Christmas. The project usually has a two-week period before this where it asks the community to try out a Beta release so that any last minute issues can be sorted out before the final release comes out.

Once the next version of Linux Mint does arrive around Christmas, people on Linux Mint 21 will be able to easily upgrade their system through the update manager, but it’s not required if you’re happy with Linux Mint 21. Over its lifetime, Linux Mint 21 will receive three point releases, taking it to Linux Mint 21.3. Each of these versions will be supported until the first half of 2027, by which time, Linux Mint 23 should be available, so you’ll probably have upgraded by then anyway.

At the time of writing, the Linux Mint project has not taken to its blog to announce the beta release, but an announcement is expected soon, once the ISO images pass the tests. For most people, it’s not worth using the Beta release unless you’re desperate to try it out. It should reflect what will be available in the final release, but there could be bugs.

Linux Mint is one of the first Linux distributions that new users try out. Graphically, it's a lot more like Windows 10, so it's a bit easier for new users to pick up. Linux Mint 21 and subsequent releases are based on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

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