The pirates of Redmond

Thanks Harold for this news that damns Microsoft in its efforts to combat piracy when it is now alleged to be practising what it preaches! hey read for yourself, its continued on "Read more"

Microsoft patted itself on the back for all the fine work it had done over the past year to put a stop to software theft. The high dudgeon was magnificent. But it was hardly a worthy stance, considering that Microsoft itself has been convicted of software theft.

Of course, Microsoft has every right to defend its intellectual property rights. But it becomes offensive in the context of what it's doing with other people's software.

In the self-congratulatory announcement, Microsoft Canada's anti-piracy manager Diana Piquette wrapped the company in the white robes of the crusader as she extolled its fight against those old foes, Colombian drug lords and Asian gangs who Microsoft claims are reaping huge profits from software piracy.

Then she added a kicker: Piracy profits were also being funneled to terrorists — she mentioned Northern Ireland, but no specific groups were named and no evidence was offered.

In none of its previous statements has Microsoft ever dropped that little bombshell.

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View: eChannelLive - Microsoft vows to be channel defender in antipiracy matters

(The above link I found at the Microsoft Canada Piracy News Page, only real reference I can find on this matter from Microsoft!

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