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This is why Asus ROG Ally is easier to repair than Steam Deck

Asus ROG Ally teardown video

iFixit conducted an Asus ROG Ally and underwent a detailed examination to assess its repairability and internal design. The purpose of the teardown was to compare the device against Steam Deck, and determine how it fared in user serviceability. The results shed light on both positive and negative aspects of the ROG Ally's construction.

Opening up the Asus ROG Ally proved to be a straightforward process, requiring the removal of just six screws and a few clips. While the device featured do-not-tamper stickers, these were primarily intended as safety warnings due to the volatile nature of Li-ion batteries. iFixit commended the ROG Ally for its easily replaceable battery, considering it the device's best repair advantage compared to Steam Deck.

Also, the ROG Ally boasted a more accessible battery replacement. The battery was securely fastened with screws instead of glued down, simplifying the replacement procedure.

Further exploration of the device's internals revealed user-friendly design considerations. The thumbstick assembly, for instance, was situated on a modular board, attached using screws and a detachable data cable. The heatsink and fan assembly were also modular and easily removable for maintenance.

Asus ROG Ally teardown video

Similar to other devices, the screen was firmly glued in place, requiring iFixit to carefully employ a combination of scalpel and guitar picks to minimize the risk of damaging the glass. The use of heat could potentially aid in separating the screen from the adhesive.

One notable drawback identified by iFixit was the lack of official spare parts for the ROG Ally. At the time of the teardown, Asus had not committed to providing these parts to repairers or the general public. However, Asus might follow the lead of its competitor and eventually make spare parts available for repairs in the future.

ASUS ROG Ally sounds like a very capable Windows gaming PC on its own. You also get three free months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with your purchase which means you will have a bunch of games to play immediately.

Source: iFixit

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