Thursday's PC game sales include free game

It's Thursday and that mean it's also the busiest day of the week for PC gamers to get some good deals on a bunch of games. We start up with the release of a game you can get for free

ArmA II Free - Bohemia Interactive has now released a free version of its military shooter sequel. The game, which can now be downloaded at its official web site, contains the entire multiplayer portion of the game along with dedicated servers and a mission editor. The free version does not contain the game's single player campaign or support for high-res graphics.

Steam - Valve's download site has two weekend game deals that launched today. You can get the first person shooter Homefront for 50 percent off its normal price. You can also get the fantasy RPG Divinity II The Dragon Knight Saga for 50 percent off this weekend. Finally today's daily sales deal is for the puzzle game Droplitz which is on sale for just $4.99.

Direct2Drive - GameFly's download site has the recent first person shooter Medal of Honor on sale today only for 50 percent off its normal price.

Impulse - GameStop's download site has a number of games on sale this weekend including the recent racing sim Shift 2 Unleashed for 50 percent off its normal price. It also has the action-RPG Magikia on sale this week for just $4.99. Finally a number of games from publisher Stardock are also on sale for 50 percent off this week.

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