Torrentspy Aims to Hit Back

The BitTorrent search site, Torrentspy has hit back at a recent lawsuit submitted by Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). The MPAA is accusing Torrentspy of helping copyright infringement by directing people to sites, some of which host copyrighted content which can be downloaded illegally.

In response to the lawsuit Torrentspy has hit back filing a motion to dismiss the lawsuit in a federal court in Los Angeles, arguing that linking to torrent sites does not constitute secondary copyright infringement. Torrentspy is one of the most popular search engines for searching for bit torrent files.

Torrentspy's lawyer Ira Rothken said the motion argued that Torrentspy does not link to Hollywood's copyrighted works. He said Torrentspy had cooperated with Hollywood in removing objectionable links to torrent files and did not actively promote copyright infringement. "It cannot be held 'tertiary' liable for visitors' conduct that occurs away from its web search engine," said Mr Rothken.

View: Torrent Spy Motion to Dismiss (PDF)

View: Motion Picture Association of America

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