Track your deceased relatives with a coffin GPS

Worried that your dead relatives may rise from the dead and wander off? There’s an app for that! The Daily Mail points out that a natural burial site in Indiana, The Preserve, will place a GPS transmitter in the deceased’s casket.

The GPS (called iGrave) is there to let staff members easily identify who is buried where, as well as giving family members the ability to track down their loved ones. On the surface, this sounds silly: Unless the zombie apocalypse begins, your relatives are probably not going to move. However, since natural burial sites do not use traditional tombstones, this lets people accurately identify where the bodies are located.

While this could be useful for people who don’t visit the cemetery often, we think that providing a simple map or GPS coordinates might be a better long-term solution since the batteries in the iGrave only last for a few years. This might be a technology-based solution to a problem that doesn’t really exist.

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