Twitter getting ready to serve local news to users?

Twitter has become extremely successful since its launch, and has since won the hearts of many with its simplicity, and ease of use. Even celebrities are using it, from Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails to William Shatner, as well as almost every news website, including Neowin. TechCrunch is reporting a recent interview (note: interview requires proficiency in German) with the CEO of Twitter, Evan Williams, that has revealed some interesting upcoming features for the popular Twitter service.

Those who use Twitter know that it can detect other users around you, based on the location you enter. Well, it appears that the company is considering an extension for the service that allows people to know what's happening in their vicinity. That's right, location based news reporting straight to your Twitter account. TechCrunch brings up various good questions about this though: How often will it update? And more importantly, what does it consider news? Perhaps it will come with various subsections of news you can subscribe to, but only time will tell.

Perhaps Twitter will open up the service to local media companies, or emergency services, to better spread the word. It's unclear if this feature is currently under development, or if it is just an idea that Williams had, but either way it looks like Twitter is definitely expanding even further. Do you think this is a good step for the service, or should it stay as it is?

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