Twitter hits 50 million tweets a day

Twitter’s analytics team posted a blog entry about how well they are performing, in terms of how many “tweets” there are at any given time.  The Twitter team said that they are seeing 50 million tweets a day from their users, a staggering 1,400% increase over last year.

Twitter users were posting up to 5,000 times a day back in 2007, a mere number to 2008, where users were tweeting 300,000 times a day.  That number only grew in 2009, where users were tweeting 2.5 million times a day, that’s roughly 29 tweets per second, on average.

Twitter users now post up to 50,000,000 tweets per day, that’s just under 600 tweets per second, on average. That is roughly 18.2 billion tweets per year, just for 2010, which is likely to increase.

Twitter did note that the total number of tweets per day do not include tweets that have their account flagged as spam.


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