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Twitter to keep its 140-character limit whilst reiterating behaviour policies

In an interview on "The Today Show" on Friday, Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, talked about Twitter's 10th anniversary, as well as confirm a few details on Twitter's future plans.

In conversation with show host, Matt Lauer, Dorsey confirmed that Twitter will be sticking to its 140-character limit for tweets, which blanks out previous suggestions by Dorsey that tweet limits may be raised to 10,000.

This confirmation may come as a sigh of relief for long-time Twitter users, who feared that increasing the character limit to such a high value would have moved Twitter from one of its core features; being a micro-blogging site. Which is a fair assumption, as 10,000 characters is what you'd expect in a long-form blog post.

Whilst talking about the current limit remaining in place, Dorsey stated:

It's staying. It's a good constraint for us. It allows for of-the-moment brevity.

Can Twitter trust Dorsey, though? Days after announcing that Twitter isn't changing how timelines are ordered, they began pushing out an algorithmic change to timeline ordering.

Only time will tell.

The conversation soon turned to Twitter's behaviour policy, particularly harassment. On this, Dorsey explained that Twitter users can control harassment, through the use of blocking and not following people:

Twitter's always been about controls. People can follow whoever they want. And it's our job to make sure they see the most important things and the things that matter to them.

There are tweets that promote violence, which is against our terms of service, so people have controls to block and people have controls to mute.

Dorsey clearly believes in letting users' themselves control what they can, and cannot see on the service.

Source: Today via Engadget

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