uBeam finally shows off its wireless charging and it's fantastic

Although there was a surge of wireless devices and chargers a few years back, it never really took off the way many had hoped. In 2017, the technology has remained pretty much the same, requiring you to place the device on a pad in a specific location in order to charge. But what if you could have a wireless charger in your home or office that didn't require you to set your device in a certain location? Instead, you would just walk into your home and your devices would start charging automatically. That's what uBeam has been promising for quite some time, and has just recently shown off its technology in a closed door demo.

So how is something like this possible? According to uBeam's website, there is a transmitter involved that pushes high-frequency sound (energy) that cannot be heard to a receiver, and which could be embedded in a multitude of different devices. While the technology is still in its infancy, the company has lofty goals of powering everything in your home, making wires a thing of the past.

Source: Spencer Rascoff (Twitter) via The Verge | Image via uBeam

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