Ubuntu 6.04 "Dapper Drake" Flight CD3 released

Work on Ubuntu 6.04 continues and The Dapper Drake continues to improve bringing with it new software
and many very beneficial improvements. This week brings us Flight 3, the third alpha.

in this release include an updated installer CD boot splash, X11R7,
GNOME 2.13.4, improved and simplified menus, new default desktop panel
configuration, some new applications such as XChat-GNOME, a faster Live
CD and Live CD persistence (yes you read right, Live CD persistence) and much much more. In addition to software improvements, Launchpad is now officially open for business for all bug tracking.

X.org's X Window System version X11R7 is now in Dapper. X11R7 is a very
significant "Landmark" release bringing, among other things, a
completely modular X server. The benefits of this are far-reaching,
including the ability to simplify updating and improving X, and being
able to apply/get fixes to specific components (a video card driver for
example) without having to rebuild (or re-download) all of X.

News source: Ubuntu Wiki (includes screenshots)

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