Ubuntu closes #1 bug report: 'Microsoft has a majority market share'

Ubuntu, the Linux-based operation system run by Canonical has listed its number one bug report for the past nine years on the Launchpad.net website. The report stated, "Microsoft has a majority market share" and served as both a satirical comment on Microsoft's OS as well as a kind of central point for users of Ubuntu to rebel against the use of Windows.

Today, the bug report has now been altered to read with a "Fix Released" label by Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth. In a comment post explaining the move to retire this long standing bug notice, Shuttleworth said that it was actually the rise of Google's Android OS, which is also based on Linux, that caused him to "fix" this bug in Ubuntu.

Shuttleworth stated:

Android may not be my or your first choice of Linux, but it is without doubt an open source platform that offers both practical and economic benefits to users and industry. So we have both competition, and good representation for open source, in personal computing. Even though we have only played a small part in that shift, I think it's important for us to recognize that the shift has taken place. So from Ubuntu's perspective, this bug is now closed.

Shuttleworth added that Canoncial also wanted to place the focus on the development of Ubuntu going forward "rather than our impact on someone else's product." The company has announced plans to bring Ubuntu to smartphones and tablets in the future.

Finally, Shuttleworth actually praised Microsoft and its Windows Azure cloud services in his post, saying, " ... the Microsoft IAAS team are both technically excellent and very focused on having ALL OS's including Linux guests like Ubuntu run extremely well on Azure, making them a pleasure to work with."

Source: Launchpad.net | Image via Ubuntu

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