Unboxing and first impressions with the Roborock S5

Vacuuming isn't exactly a hard thing to do but it does take some time and effort. Luckily, there is a "smart" alternative to traditional vacuum cleaners, which can do the work for you and even be controlled using your smartphone.

It used to be that there would only be a few models available, many priced quite high, making it a huge investment. But now, there are plenty of companies that offering smart vacuums at various price points, making it more accessible. While they aren't as cheap as traditional vacuums, they do offer different benefits and can be a good option for the right person and cleaning space.

Although Roborock is a company that you probably have never heard of, there is a good reason for that, as they are quite young, making their debut in 2014. Despite this, the team and its expertise have been recognized, with major Chinese electronics manufacturer Xiaomi almost immediately becoming an investor. The firm has built many highly regarded smart vacuum products for Xiaomi and has more recently been offering products under its own brand.

Today, we will unbox the current top-end model, the S5, and give some first impressions of the unit, which you can check out in the video above. If interested, you can always find it on Amazon for purchase.

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