Unnamed CTO claims he's updating lots of PCs to Windows 8

On Sunday, we reported that a survey of IT employees said that 23.8 percent of them will not update their company's PCs to Windows 8. Another 49.9 percent of the people who were surveyed have "no current plans" for a company-wide Windows 8 update but did say that position could change in the future.

However, a new story over at Business Insider says that the CTO of a large company is wasting little time in making the move to Windows 8. The story says that, according to this unnamed CTO, he will be upgrading lots of his company's PCs to Windows 8 as soon as possible.

The CTO (who is unnamed because he is not authorized to speak about his company's plans) says that part of the reason is that Windows 8 is much faster than the previous Windows 7 OS. Applications run about 15 to 20 percent faster on Windows 8 compared to Windows 7, according to this source. The CTO added, "It's a hell of a lot more responsive."

As far as his specific Windows 8 plans, this CTO says he will decommission 4,000 old PCs and get thousands of the Surface tablets, running under Windows 8 Pro, in their place. 1,000 older Windows 7 PCs will also be upgraded to Windows 8 by this unnamed company.

And what about the training needed to help people get used to the new Windows 8 UI? This unnamed CTO says it won't be a huge problem. He is quoted as saying, "Windows 8 drives you batty for exactly four hours … seriously. Get yourself a Surface and it takes you a day to get used to keyboard and it takes about four hours to learn the touch interface."

Source: Business Insider | Image via Microsoft

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