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Uploaders earning serious money from Youtube

If you are looking to earn some steady money from the internet then YouTube could be the destination for you.

The New York Times are running an article about how popular and how profitable YouTube is to the producers. Just over a year ago many of YouTube's power members were asked to join an advert system where the viewer would see an advert above the video description and during the video, many of those members are now earning a 6 figure salary from that system.

A prime example of this is Michael Buckley who makes the "What the Buck" web series who was working as an admin assistant to a music production company but now he has quit that and made his web series his full time job after he earned nearly near $100,000 in just one year from adverts alone. It's not just people who are using this system even the big record companies like WB, Universal Music and Sony BMG are driving adverts to the viewers and earning money from it but its a clear sign that YouTube wants to spread the wealth amongst everyone allowing normal uploaders to earn money from views.

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