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iPhone copy and paste nearing reality

Something all iPhone users desperately want is copy and paste, nothing is more annoying when someone sends you a link to a site in your text message and you have to write it down so you can input it in Safari.

It seems someone has at least tried to put this right by creating a service not an app that allows you to paste between Mail and Safari. As you can see from this video the user doesn't have to install anything all they have to do is get the bookmarks from Pastebud and select the copy one and from there it will load a page that allows you to copy the text into a mail message or another web page.

Jed Schmidt who has created this system has said although its not released yet, he fully expects it to be ready very soon for everyone to try. It's not just Pastebud who has tried to add this function to the iPhone, Openclip an open source program allowed you to copy text between applications for example HTML to a Wordpress application without all the formatting coming with it.

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