US cyberware details surface, Iraq & Iran have been targets

The cyber warfare front is a changing and untested battlefield that every foreign government wants to control. Many have always assumed that the United States carried out cyber attacks but today we are finally learning some details about the operations that have been ordered.

In Iraq the US hacked into Al Qaeda computers and altered data that changed the rendezvous point to a pre-set destination. The destination was a trap setup by the US military forces and can be assumed to only be one of many infiltrations into Al Qaeda computers.

When George W. Bush wanted to slow down Iran's nuclear program he ordered hackers to try and undermine the operations by altering computer files on Iranian based computers. The results are not known at this point.

All of this is based around President Obama's soon to be announced plan to expand the 17 billion dollar operation that protects US government and other essential data.

In a speech that could be given as soon as Wednesday Obama is expected to discuss the critical nature of protecting our data centers but he will not discuss offensive operations or capabilities.

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