Verizon's delay of Samsung's ATIV Odyssey may have had ulterior motives

Here is an interesting angle on why Samsung’s Windows Phone 8 device, the Ativ Odyssey, may have been delayed for Verizon. While one might think that it has to do with manufacturing delays or some other internal issue, it could be that Verizon is not gung-ho about helping Samsung build another dominant platform.

A report from the Korean Times is stating that Verizon and other carriers are increasingly becoming concerned of Samsung’s dominance in the mobile market. The report states:

Spain's Telefonica and U.S.'s Verizon, are intentionally less enthusiastic about carrying Samsung’s Windows-running Ativ series, even though Windows 8 is a highly competitive platform. It is to prevent the Korean company from gaining too much leverage power by controlling two platforms.

It is a bit odd that Samsung’s Ativ Odyssey was slated to arrive in late December and then was later delayed until “the coming weeks” when it was spotlighted at CES.  

If the above report is accurate, carriers are concerned that Samsung is becoming too dominate in the industry and they are likely wanting to avoid another Apple situation where the carrier loses control of the devices they are selling because the vendor has considerable mass over the market.

Will we ever know if Verizon truly is concerned about Samsung’s growing presence in the mobile space and that’s why they delayed the launch of the Ativ Odyssey? We may never know. But, at this point, we do know that the device was delayed from its original launch window and that Samsung is quickly becoming a massive force in the mobile space. 

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