Visual Studio 11 gets new almost-Metro interface

There aren't any tiles here yet, but Microsoft has gone for the simplest form they can in the latest version of Visual Studio. In the previous, publicly available beta, Visual Studio 11 looked something like the below picture, with small colorful images on the toolbar, stylization and color throughout the interface. 

Now, Microsoft revealed the new interface (to little fanfare) in a post detailing how to submit future Windows 8 applications to the store. It depicts a new, flat interface with monotoned buttons and little color other than Aero. It's almost like Microsoft tried to squeeze Metro and traditional Windows styling together.

It's definitely a bleaker and less colorful future, it seems with the latest iteration. This version isn't in developer hands just yet, but we suspect it'll become available with the release of the consumer preview on February 29. What do you think of the new style? 

Image source: VSM

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