Vodafone will now automatically block scam calls for its customers in the UK

Probably one of the most annoying things we often get are those scam calls which always play on our fears, telling us that there was some accident regarding a family member, or some overdue invoice that we have to pay soon. British telecommunications company Vodafone had this in mind, and has decided to do its customers a little favor.

The new technology on Vodafone's mobile network will now automatically block scam calls. It will stop the connection right at the source, so it will not be able to reach the potential victim at all. This will save customers from manually blocking numbers using their smartphones.

Vodafone admits that their initiative is not yet perfect, however; some fraudulent calls will still be able to go through, but the company pledges to significantly reduce these on its network over time. During their testing, Vodafone was able to block 425,000 scam calls in a single day. With this in place, they later found out that attempts to swindle customers on the network dropped to under 1,000. This was after the scammers realized that they cannot connect to the network's victims anymore.

"The protection of our customers is paramount and we have been investing heavily in our network and technology to help stamp out this practice," said Vodafone UK's Head of Corporate Security Mark Hughes. "We will continue to evolve the technology as well as work with industry bodies and the regulator to ensure we keep one step ahead of criminals."

Source: Techradar

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