Well, at least Apple is doing well...

It is of little refutation that economists would describe the world's financial state (in general) as a 'worldwide recession' as a result companies are going bust here, there and everywhere as the credit crunch tests companies to their absolute limits, in essence sorting the wheat from the chaff. Perhaps some of the most noticeable changes during a recession can be noticed on the 'High St'. I speak for the UK alone when I say that our High Streets have experienced some difficult losses in the recent past.

Refreshing to appreciate, in light of the economic downturn, are the companies that are doing well and reports on various business related websites are reporting good things for Apple's basement, flagship store on Fifth Avenue, New York. News on the 'New York Post's website' is covering the race between businesses for a vacant lot on the prime retail strip. However, it is Apple's glass cubed store which is stealing the spotlight a little, reports indicate that the store is taking around $440 million per annum, impressive figures compared to 'Apple's outposts' at Prince and Green streets which take around $100 million per year.

This news, despite the possibility of changes regarding Apple's takings this year, really shows the pulling power Apple has as an international business and could be money invested into some more exciting projects in the future.

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