Will 'the new TechEd' be called Microsoft GO or Microsoft Tomorrow?

Last month, Microsoft announced a new conference in its annual line-up, incorporating what used to be separate events - such as the Microsoft Management Summit, and separate Lync, Project, Sharepoint and Exchange conferences - into a single super-event. Microsoft introduced it as the 'Unified Technology Event for Enterprises', but quickly found itself having to explain confusing language in its announcement, which suggested that it was planning to rebrand TechEd under the new event too. 

The company's clarifications actually did very little to clear things up in the end - Microsoft said "TechEd lives on. This event will be part of TechEd", but never explained why it referred to this TechEd-related event under a completely new name in the first place. Even so, Rod Trent of Windows IT Pro points out that he has "heard some say (primarily TechEd alumni) that the new event is just TechEd, but with a new name." But what will that new name be?

Microsoft has actually been considering a range of new names, and inviting opinion and feedback on those names from some of its past attendees. In a recent email to those attendees, it asked them to select their preferred choice for what the new tech event should be called, from a list of options: 

  • Microsoft GO
  • Microsoft 4C
  • Microsoft Forsee
  • Microsoft Unity
  • Microsoft Current
  • Microsoft CO:
  • Microsoft Spark
  • Microsoft Tomorrow

Are any of those suggestions good enough to work alongside - or perhaps, instead of - the TechEd brand? We'll let you be the judge of that - let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

Source: Windows IT Pro

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