Will Windows 8 cause price jumps for notebooks?

As Windows 8 gets closer to its (expected) fall 2012 launch, PC manufacturers are already designing PC desktops and notebooks that will support the Metro-style touch screen interface. But will prices of Windows 8 notebooks be priced higher in order to support these new features? That's the claim of a new Digitimes report.

The story, which cites unnamed sources, claims that there are a series of factors that could lead to higher prices for Windows 8 notebooks. One is the hardware needed to support the Windows 8 Metro touch screen features. The story also claims that Intel is unwilling to lower the price point for its processor. Finally, PC vendors themselves supposedly are unwilling to lower the cost on their end.

The story claims that because of all of these factors, " ... PC vendors are currently facing great pressure as strong demand may not emerge as they originally expected."

All of these issues may be moot if one or more of these parties are willing to cut their prices. Also, while many notebook makers may want to offer touch-screen Windows 8 notebooks for its launch, it's also possible that many will choose not to support the touch screen features when the OS is released.

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