Windows 7 695x boot screen revealed

Chris Holmes, Windows Enthusiast and blogger, has posted a short and somewhat blurry video of the new Windows 7 boot screen in action.

The latest sign of changes for Windows 7 signals a departure from the Vista boot up screen. Microsoft kept the boot screen simple with Vista after asking BIOS makers, PC makers, and video card makers to remove product advertisement screens at system boot. Microsoft created a simple boot method which it claimed took 6 seconds off initial boot compared to the more graphical boot that it had originally planned with the Longhorn betas.

At PDC many reader comments here at Neowin were "what's the new boot screen like?" when Microsoft first unveiled Windows 7 to the world. We posted a video at the time but Microsoft have been working hard towards their January goal and have updated it as shown below.

Update: Microsoft have pulled the MSN Video so we have linked to an identical YouTube video

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