Windows 8: Server in the cloud with Azure

Microsoft kicked off their second day keynote with a deep look into Windows Server 8. The keynote kicked off with a demonstration of the latest Visual Studio 11 developer preview with Windows Azure integration for developers to take their applications to the cloud.

Visual Studio 11 developer preview contains a number of useful tools and improvements, including greater HTML and JavaScript support, a DOM inspector that allows developers to view, debug and even select elements of your current design that narrows down your selection to that exact line of code.

Storage Spaces is the new tool found with Windows Server 8 to help manage all of your networked hard drives in one easy location. With the new server manager, system administrators will be able to view and manage a list of connected drives.

Microsoft is releasing the Windows Azure toolkit later on this evening for developers, which can be run alongside Windows Server 8, for developers looking to push their small businesses and projects onto the cloud. Windows Azure is deeply integrated with Windows Server 8 and is optimized to improve development.

As businesses look to move forward with cloud-based services, Microsoft is keeping up the pace by delivering what developers need to create tools and systems for the average user. Windows Server 8 is a big step forward to keeping the world in sync.

View Neowin’s overview of the new Windows Server 8 and see what’s new.

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