Windows 8 to run on tablet with Texas Instruments chip

Windows 8 will be shown running on a number of tablets at CES 2012 this week and today Texas Instruments announced that one of those tablets will be running TI's ARM-based OMAP4470 processor. TI did not state what the specific tablet will be in its announcement nor which company is making that tablet.

Texas Instruments said in its press release:

Designed specifically to enable the ultimate tablet experience, the OMAP4470 processor's rich multimedia, end-to-end security and powerful multitasking capabilities prove the ideal match for Windows 8 key features including a fast & fluid touch-first user interface,  a rich user experience with hardware accelerated graphics, an always-on-always-connected experience, and multiple security enhancements.

Microsoft's CES 2012 keynote event will be held later this evening. It's possible that Microsoft CES Steve Ballmer will demo the tablet with TI's processor inside during the event. Neowin will, of course, be there to cover all of the announcements from Microsoft's final (for now) CES keynote.

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