Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 RC2 leaks

Microsoft announced Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 in early December 2009 with the promise of "one PC per classroom".

The idea of MultiPoint Server is that it will reduce the cost for many businesses and schools worldwide. The solution works by having a central point for one server to exist and multiple mice, keyboards, speakers and monitors attached to the one system. Each session provides a user with a unique Remote Desktop to the MultiPoint Server. The product is a brain child of Microsoft Research India. Microsoft officials demonstrated 16 monitors simultaneously playing 720P HD video using the processing power of one PC (an Intel Core i7 system) in 2009. Microsoft is amining the shared resource computing technology primarily at schools but claims businesses who wish to train staff on technologies could benefit too. The cost savings are huge as each session would only require an additional monitor, keyboard, mouse and a user license to use the Remote Desktop session in MultiPoint.

This week a beta build of the new server operating system leaked online for all to see. The build, named RC2, became available on popular file sharing networks and BitTorrent sites early this week. As the operating system is simply a Server OS there's little to see. Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 is built on top of Windows Server 2008 R2.

Microsoft expects to make the final edition available to schools around the world in the first half of 2010 according to Ira Snyder, General Manager, Windows MultiPoint Server.

View: More information on Windows MultiPoint Server 2010

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